DVDASA Episode 072 – Bobby Lee, Valentin’s Birthday

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It’s Valentin’s birthday. Critter has lost 10lbs because he misses his family. Asa discusses what consistency she likes cum to be for swallowing. The story of how Critter and Dave almost lived on a ranch in Hawaii for the rest of their lives. Bobby Lee and Dave shake on a no masturbation challenge.

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  • Critters Beard<span class="comment-author-location"> from Portland, OR, United States</span>

    First, didn’t download this episode though. Probably wasn’t very good.

  • andres murray<span class="comment-author-location"> from </span>

    I LOVE Bobby Lee’s addition to the show. David and Bobby (Lee) have great chemistry.

    I’ve been a fan of DVDASA from the first episode, and Critter, Val, and now Bobby, are all fantastic additions. It’s too bad Yoshi won’t join in.

    • daveisgay<span class="comment-author-location"> from New York, NY, United States</span>

      Bobby Lee, Slink and Endo were the best guests on the show in a while. Sae Lee should stay too.

      • Hyukjae Kwon<span class="comment-author-location"> from QC, Canada</span>

        nooooOOoooo thanks, stoners being incoherent and passing out… On a sidenote, whatever happened to Heather hot damn?

        • daveisgay<span class="comment-author-location"> from New York, NY, United States</span>

          If you’ve ever listened to KGB Radio, you would know that Sae Lee + Bobby + Harry vs Dave is the funniest shit ever.

          • Hyukjae Kwon<span class="comment-author-location"> from QC, Canada</span>

            sure but that was KGB, this is DVDASA

      • BITCH SLAYER<span class="comment-author-location"> from New Hyde Park, NY, United States</span>


        • daveisgay<span class="comment-author-location"> from New York, NY, United States</span>

          OH REALLY?

  • Kimdim<span class="comment-author-location"> from </span>

    Critter Thor: The norse god of thunder and sick battle raps, Son of Odin, born and raised in Asgard. His weakness is syrup candy and Nerds. When Critter Thor is not doing norse god work he has a part-time job as a personal trainer on weekends. Also known as Critthor, his hobbies are raising cows and hunting.

  • wish for a bidet<span class="comment-author-location"> from </span>

    FOIST! haha

  • Aaronlovesgod<span class="comment-author-location"> from </span>

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  • daveisgay<span class="comment-author-location"> from New York, NY, United States</span>

    “You’re shaped like Tim Burton drew you” had me rolling.

  • Changnesia<span class="comment-author-location"> from San Francisco, CA, United States</span>

    Not a ranch, but for less than a quarter million, you can have your own gold mining ghost-town in nor cal. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2501554/California-gold-mining-ghost-town-Seneca-sale-Craigslist-225-000.html

    • TraV-The-Swede<span class="comment-author-location"> from Richmond, VA, United States</span>

      Nice , that place is pretty tight! Perfect little spot if your the unabomber! lolz

  • lovepolice<span class="comment-author-location"> from Seattle, WA, United States</span>

    hellsyah, you guys should totally have yoshi back on for some kinda thunderdome deathmatch with bobbylee. master blaster yo!

  • The Dark Dick<span class="comment-author-location"> from Los Angeles, CA, United States</span>


  • http://mikehawke03.wordpress.com/ mikehawke03<span class="comment-author-location"> from San Diego, CA, United States</span>

    Fat Thor. I haven’t stopped laughing all morning. Bobby Lee killing it.

  • Zell’s Secret Lover<span class="comment-author-location"> from United States</span>

    Happy belated birthday Val!

  • Hyukjae Kwon<span class="comment-author-location"> from QC, Canada</span>

    Fuck Bikram yoga

  • Hyukjae Kwon<span class="comment-author-location"> from QC, Canada</span>

    I really want to know what happened to Dave and Canada.

  • dancewillson<span class="comment-author-location"> from Houston, TX, United States</span>

    Bobby’s too funny hope Bobby jr is ok Happy b-day Val

  • Bojee Nemsenah<span class="comment-author-location"> from Santa Clarita, CA, United States</span>

    Even though Dave and Bobby Lee have known each other for a very short time, they bicker and banter like old friends.

  • Filet-O-Fish<span class="comment-author-location"> from United States</span>

    Bobby Lee is a better stand up comedian than Yoshi. But, “let’s be frank.” DVDASA Verbal Showdown – Yoshi would roast Bobby Lee’s ass!

    • Hyukjae Kwon<span class="comment-author-location"> from QC, Canada</span>


  • Sir B<span class="comment-author-location"> from United States</span>

    Fat Thor

  • Val’s Neck Tag<span class="comment-author-location"> from Elk City, OK, United States</span>


  • Zell’s Secret Lover<span class="comment-author-location"> from Wichita, KS, United States</span>

    Really missed Bobby Trivia today, hopefully we’ll have some trivia for the next episode. Bobby Trivia’s power levels have been really low lately.

  • Zell’s Secret Lover<span class="comment-author-location"> from Wichita, KS, United States</span>

    I always wondered what kind of consistency girls liked their cum, glad Asa gave her opinion on that matter. I think Asa would really like my cum.

  • angry turd<span class="comment-author-location"> from Glendale, AZ, United States</span>

    Love the show bobby lee is effin hilarious

  • DM<span class="comment-author-location"> from Mississauga, ON, Canada</span>

    BOBBY LEE is the funniest human God has ever created.

  • capsule<span class="comment-author-location"> from Minneapolis, MN, United States</span>

    The positive judgement free vibe is ruined by bobby 2 with his jittery talking cracked out insults and confrontational bullshit. Every one was happy and singing for Val’s birthday then Tattoo came and made it all about himself. Did anyone else see how sad Val was at the end when he realized nobody was going to take part in his cake? The wishing he was punked, draped in fads of 2002, thinking he is rad while dragging on blue e-cig like a morlock version of Stephen Dorf, occasional 4th string Chelsea Handler show table sitting, making up for being insecure by talking loud, party crasher needs to be limited to occasional appearances. Plenty of people seem to like him, but thinking long term he’s not helping the show; Money Mark seemed more annoyed by him than he was by the Armenian Virgin, the Real Bobby left during this show and since he sat down for the first time Critter has seemed like he wants to knock his head like a whack-a-mole. John Cusack was hitting an e-cig without making a scene; Tatoo wants everyone to see him do it while he takes advantage of being on the show to look cool on instgram. Go back to no phones allowed. If the audience needs someone to counter-balance Dave bring back Saelee; it seemed like if she got comfortable enough to really get in the groove she has the not impressed by Vice magazine appearing, deep pockets wielding, has his own show Dave that her pre-fame knowledge and calling him out of him even more than Z did might humanize him like Asa and her fully willing to say what happens behind the scenes honesty has (hearing her on the show and seeing her without a deep layer of pornstar make-up has made more than a few of us tug a little harder). B2 is occasionally funny and might be fun to hang out and laugh with in person; but for those of us whole watch/listen for a judgement free positive experience the making fun of people and over-enthusiastic hate of yoga was a total downer.
    I don’t want to seem like I don’t love the show, as an alternative to music while working in the studio or winding down after a long stretch DVDASA is a great relief; between Money Mark, Asa and Dave it’s awesome, insightful and inspiring to hear about the work they put in to get to the top of their respective fields (Dave’s words to Shane and the audience of the Egyptian theater about working hard and having a goal made me take my work even more seriously than I already do. My next art show is a solo show and for this one I’m lucky enough to have it in the city I’m living in, I’d slacked off because of that, but listening to a next level artist wish for a situation like mine had me up earlier and spending even more time in the studio wanting to push myself even farther. It reinforces “If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right” -HST. Critter, Val and Bobby trivia/Real Bobby/General of the Quiet C penetrating army/Star of the show/master of not being impressed all prove that you don’t need fame to be a star. As entertaining as B2 might be he up close he stole Val’s cumpleanos thunder and except for the creep raping by Endo his Nov. 2 appearance was the lamest. There’s only one Bobby and Critter would destroy Donald Blake.
    If you got this far I thank you, this was a lot of words and a lot of run-on sentences; except for episode 72, I’m not a fan of truncation

    keep it up, keep getting better and if you want to
    -(not able to use my real name because I’m still working towards being non-blackmailable)

    • keskeguey<span class="comment-author-location"> from Sherman Oaks, CA, United States</span>

      Anyone else not read this? Me too.

  • Papi Chu<span class="comment-author-location"> from Long Beach, CA, United States</span>

    Loving Bobby, that gay is too funny…”FT” haha.

    DVDASA crew. I would love to see you guys at our show in Long Beach. Would be an amazing surprise to see ALL of your faces. Been listening since episode 1! And a fan since thumbs up. Keep doing your thing. (Jacuzzi boy, eres chignon carbon!)





  • http://www.snakeoilmagazine.com/ Snake Oil<span class="comment-author-location"> from United States</span>

    Happy belated birthday Valentin! I enjoyed Bobby Lee calling Yoga a fad while wearing a Ed Hardy trucker hat and smoking an e-cigarette.

  • Not a white guy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Saint Louis, MO, United States</span>

    need zell back on the show

  • keskeguey<span class="comment-author-location"> from Sherman Oaks, CA, United States</span>

    “hey asa, say docta jones”

  • Hyukjae Kwon<span class="comment-author-location"> from QC, Canada</span>

    yeah I saw that, but it’s too light of a comment. Dave mentions here that they fuck him over, but is it a deliberate anal probing, or the simple denial of entry? Because yeah, Canada’s politics definitely doesn’t tolerate Choe-like behavior, which is what Toronto REALLY REALLY needs right now – I’m snoozing over here. And dealing with bureaucrats are infuriating as shit.

  • The Donkey Drip<span class="comment-author-location"> from Burbank, CA, United States</span>

    Bobby Lee makes the podcast feel WHOLE and PERFECT.

  • Zanathon<span class="comment-author-location"> from Kamloops, BC, Canada</span>

    Episode 72 of DVDASA taught me that when it comes to Valentin’s birthday, the podcast was too cheap to purchase a pinata.

    Bobby Lee would have seriously killed that pinata…just like he did his handicapped grandma.