• I love you guys<span class="comment-author-location"> from Geelong, Victoria, Australia</span>


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    Hello, Lovers!

  • niguuhhhh<span class="comment-author-location"> from Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom</span>

    Fuck David you are one self centered egotistic ass hole!! does every fucking podcast have to be about you? i found this show thanks to joe rogan and have listend to a couple since but i cant do it! i don’t understand how a grown ass man like yourself does not know how to have a normal conversation. Its a good thing joe didnt take any of your talking over people shit and SAID WHAT HE WANTED TO. you could clearly tell he was getting frustrated with it though. I wish more ppl didnt take your shit then i could hear interesting topics/povs besides your retarded dumbfuck experiences and your problems. This podcast would be better with out you. im out this bitch. actually no it wouldn’t. it would be better with 1/5 of your bullshit.

    • Azurphax<span class="comment-author-location"> from Keene, NH, United States</span>

      Free podcast buddy. Nobody forced you to tune in! So you skipped all the earlier episodes, then?

      • ozman<span class="comment-author-location"> from Salt Lake City, UT, United States</span>

        i sort of get what you’re saying and i love the JRE as well. Dave and Joe are different people and they do have different podcasts. if you don’t like Dave’s then don’t watch. but there’s no need to be rude and mean like this, it’s not like Dave actually reads this stuff and gives a fuck. and even if he did he probably won’t take you seriously, he’ll just think you’re another angry asshole. Poor Bobby probably reads all this negativity or someone else lol…

    • Asian Chen<span class="comment-author-location"> from Rosemead, CA, United States</span>

      I love David. He is the only real american asian I can relate to that is sort of in the mainstream media. He is an inspiration to asian americans everywhere. It’s awe inspiring to see someone who acts and looks like me banging all these hot woman. I love his fucked up stories because I have never experienced anything like that in my life. I look forward to every Tuesday to live vicariously through him.

      • Darkcracker<span class="comment-author-location"> from Addison, IL, United States</span>

        I’d like to be inside of David too. How some David hasn’t had any brown/middle eastern people on yet?

        Get suroosh alvi on, he’d have some intresting shit to talk about

      • Feelings Sharer<span class="comment-author-location"> from Toronto, ON, Canada</span>

        no offense dude but you sound like the kind of creepy superfan that dave said he tries to avoid

    • Jof<span class="comment-author-location"> from Yonkers, NY, United States</span>

      haha you mad. you can’t even man up though, fucking posting anonymously. self righteous bastard.

    • mw<span class="comment-author-location"> from Hayward, CA, United States</span>

      Now there’s some irony for you…a Joe Rogan fan complaining that Dave is a self-centered, egotistical asshole.

      • Christian Hammad<span class="comment-author-location"> from Yucaipa, CA, United States</span>

        I was thinking the very same thing. LMAO

    • Depressed Guy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand</span>

      This guy is clearly going through some dark shit.

      I personally enjoyed this one.

      Bobby: trivia was rad tonight, keep it up.

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      Get back in my sensory deprivation tank and keep blowing me twinky!!!

      • ozman<span class="comment-author-location"> from Salt Lake City, UT, United States</span>

        ^now that made me LMAO

    • golden<span class="comment-author-location"> from Las Vegas, NV, United States</span>

      it’s like sifting through alot of bullshit just to get a laugh here and there

  • lilMeat<span class="comment-author-location"> from New York, NY, United States</span>

    Ayoo david put me on with some hoes

  • http://jewlovers.com ilovejews<span class="comment-author-location"> from Torre, Darién, Panama</span>

    David is jew korean with 200 millon they control world hhahahaah :) GJ DVDASA Forever

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    “niguuhhhh”, suck a fucking dick. This is a HIS show and he can talk about whatever the fuck he wants. Please shut the fuck up.

  • MrJoeJon<span class="comment-author-location"> from Lebanon, OR, United States</span>

    I would love if they had Phone Calls at some point

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    haha dam lunas bomb

  • soytupapi<span class="comment-author-location"> from Pomona, CA, United States</span>

    haters gonna hate.

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    damn luna is a cutie … haley paige rip .. chico wang rest in piss ..

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    when dave was telling his story and asa was like, “that’s hot,” that was exactly what i was thinking haha.

  • NASDAQ<span class="comment-author-location"> from Oslo, Oslo, Norway</span>

    this show is like fucking heroin, i swear. I get super dvdasa cravings on sunday mornings

  • Mr. Snow Bunny<span class="comment-author-location"> from Richmond, BC, Canada</span>

    omg.. i would wife luna reeeal quick. she is banging and sounds like a fuckin freak. i like that shit

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  • PaulRetain<span class="comment-author-location"> from Washington, DC, United States</span>

    I like how Yoshi gets up to go rub one out.

  • http://twitter.com/itchypeach itchypeach<span class="comment-author-location"> from New Hyde Park, NY, United States</span>

    dave and asa totes fucked

    • Feelings Sharer<span class="comment-author-location"> from Toronto, ON, Canada</span>

      they mentioned they fucked each other on the very first episode – i don’t know why dave was acting like it was such a big deal that no one asked/emailed him about it at the end

  • Ffffff<span class="comment-author-location"> from London, London, United Kingdom</span>

    Asa’s story about Yoshi at the blackstation was hilarious. Dave’s stories own. Great episode.

  • slapadouche<span class="comment-author-location"> from Anonymous Proxy</span>


    Dave, keep fucking these hoes. Don’t defer to the white man, keep being a korean gone bad – YO, fellow G00KS! it’s time to rise up, time is over for the stereotypically passive asian in society. Dave, hope you don’t end up like the rich dude who is manipulated and used in the end – even by his “friends”. js.

    Talk some more dude. I like it when you drink. You should’ve molested Veruca when you had the chance. jk.

    I like fobs dude, but your voice is kinda too ching chongy, even for me. lol, jk. Don’t be a bitch man, you deserve love too. Go get that shit.

    I like it when you smile and laugh. You do seem lonely – I like how you’re just straight up about that though. I hope you don’t get brainwashed and used up by these greasy mofos in your industry.

    PEACE – Best podcast online. Hopefully you guys can gain more and more listeners/viewers. Do some more marketing or some shit.

  • Voltron512<span class="comment-author-location"> from </span>

    Hey Bobby, your watch is not broke. It’s set for the light to turn on automatically whenever you bring your wrist up to look at it. I thought the same thing at first with mine. Fuck expensive watches you can’t quickly tell time with. I go digital allthe way.

    I thought it was a given that DVDASA was also the David and Asa show and that they once use to hit it. Didn’t he bring it up in a way saying that he couldn’t bring himself to seriously fall in love with a porn star?Wasn’t it in a KGB where he said he just broke up with someone in the porn industry? I don’t know maybe I’m projecting. Yeah, I am…was kinda caught off guard on that one.

    Btw, does anyone know when these shows are actually recorded. I know it not quite as a gap like KGB, but it’s still like week or two off right?

    I actually thought that Harry Kim was gonna come through the door.

    Damn I love this show! It really is radio gold. Someone once said on another podcast if you listened to Curve Your Enthusiam and didn’t like it, then they automatically knew they couldn’t be compatible. If I was out on the street, hanging out at a bar and somehow stumbled upon a DVDASA fan I’d be like “What up homie and buy them a beer I know that they were hella cool from the jump….on the job I’d probably just deny I ever heard of it. Lol

    • not a white guy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Saint Louis, MO, United States</span>

      I agree this is podcast gold. I took me few podcasts before I got use to listening to Dave all the fuckin time but now i am hooked. I am used to be a huge JRE fan but for some reason i prefer listening to this now. I find JRE little dull.

    • Christian Hammad<span class="comment-author-location"> from Yucaipa, CA, United States</span>

      Asa was talking about her bruises from her feature-show. She uploaded a photo from instagram about 8 weeks ago, so I think they’re 8 weeks behind. That’s also probably the reason they decided to move to a twice a week format. They were falling too farm behind, etc.

  • MrLittleTImeBust<span class="comment-author-location"> from West Palm Beach, FL, United States</span>

    dave can you open up the first sophisticated hot tub water strip club with rubber floors for safety?

  • slapadouche<span class="comment-author-location"> from Anonymous Proxy</span>

    PS. Luna you’re not a hoe doe. Didn’t mean you – you seem cool and a nice person, js.

    PSS. Zell, you should talk more too when you’re on. Give Dave some more shit. lol.

  • D<span class="comment-author-location"> from San Diego, CA, United States</span>

    another great show

  • Into Some Dark Shit<span class="comment-author-location"> from Redford, MI, United States</span>

    God this show sucks so bad and because I’m a twisted sick perverted individual with no life, friends and stuck in this quiet suburban neighborhood with a boring ass job I find myself addicted to this crap like a bad delusional drug. My OCD won’t let me, not listen to the insane ramblings of an insecure, fat, selfish, womanizing, self-absorbed prick like David. Sometimes I dress my Asa Akira doll that I made myself from dead Barbie doll parts and Anime dolls I bought off the net. I put her in special outfits I made just for the show and have her sitting on desk listen to the show with me. With the exception of her all of you are ugly and creepy. Sometimes while Dave is droning on and on stuttering over his words like a little waterheaded retarded child I start fantasizing about the show and what would make it suck even more to drive me deeper into liking this crap. My ideal this week would be a scratch n’ sniff card that you could mail out to us pervs with smells on it. Like Asa’s pussy – seems like it would smell like peanut M & M’s, the studio itself – seems like it would smell like ass and burnt Black n Mild cigars, how could we forget Bobby’s disgusting earlobe. So not only will we be able to listen to this excrement of verbal masturbation and psuedo intellectual douchebag Dave rambling but we could also participate in the crapfest only worth of mention in the anal rape book section of Hell. Fuck all of you sick bastards. A Fan.

    • asdasd<span class="comment-author-location"> from Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand</span>

      Some DJ…

    • MrLittleTimeBust<span class="comment-author-location"> from West Palm Beach, FL, United States</span>

      Just because he said “art fag” a few times doesn’t mean you have to be all … well yeah… just stay healthy man. Do all that weird cathartic shit you do, but stay healthy. I initially disliked how Dave spoke of fans who go out of their way to communicate because they’re usually not in the best place in life, but then I realized I have Crohns and he was right. I didn’t know Dave was an X-listed celebrity when I saw the hitchhiking episodes, I just artfagged it up one night and googled the richest living artists. I could give a fuck if the dude is rich or is an appealing artist, which is why a lot of the haters are going to hate. The haters are just people whose mortality is affected when reminded how financially deprived they are. I just like the social experiment aspect to all of this; sensationalized or contrived, these people are talking about shit that goes down with the utmost humility.

      Bobby, don’t be phased by these peoples’ shitty mail because you’re dealing with a shitty demographic… people who resort to the use of the word “pseudo-intellectual” turn out to be wayyyy faggier than a person who simply says “art fag”, even if both words suggest an elitist vibe. I thought the African ramen necklace story was pretty cool though. It made me slow jerk an imaginary dick right in front of me because I’m an art fag

      Please have Wang Newton on— I love it her him all of it. And is Money Mark really coming out with a portable dynamic phrase synthesizer? I’m not tweaking out but PLEASE MAKE IT PLEASE MAKE IT PLEASE MAKE IT

  • http://www.MetalSlut.com Kai<span class="comment-author-location"> from Los Angeles, CA, United States</span>

    David! You are the fucking man. Among other things, thanks for pointing out why DJs are (for the most part) frauds. Keep up the excellent work! Would love to hear some of your drumming on the show.

  • AJ<span class="comment-author-location"> from Brookline, MA, United States</span>

    Can you start posting group photos or photos of your guest, I can never see peoples faces that well on the video

  • Stevie Franchise<span class="comment-author-location"> from Barrington, RI, United States</span>

    David Choe is my fucking hero man he smashes the most beautiful girls.. Definitely inspired me to step my game out and stop fucking 7s..

  • A CHEN<span class="comment-author-location"> from Oakville, ON, Canada</span>

    Dave is hilarious yet again!! What could get Dave more hyped than talking and bragging, about himself for almost 2 hours straight! Both surprise guests were Dave’s lovers.

    Peter Pan Sensitive Artist Asians!

  • alex<span class="comment-author-location"> from Santa Ana, CA, United States</span>

    more ex stuff, it good to hear both sides. good show, thanks

  • Eric Cartman<span class="comment-author-location"> from Toronto, ON, Canada</span>

    woah she is hot

  • Brian<span class="comment-author-location"> from Brampton, ON, Canada</span>

    Holy shit, Dave knows Harris Wittels? You gotta have him on the show. Love that guy.

  • Mary<span class="comment-author-location"> from Springfield, MO, United States</span>

    I can’t stop thinking about how his house is so dirty. I really believe that when your space is cluttered, it effects your mood.

  • Another Dave<span class="comment-author-location"> from Buffalo Grove, IL, United States</span>

    Bobby, if you’re reading this, I love you

  • 10 millimeter penis<span class="comment-author-location"> from Bellingham, WA, United States</span>

    hey i have an idea for the next looser. make the next person who loses trivia with Bob smell boby’s belly button!!! that smell is so nasty eewww haha

  • Michael<span class="comment-author-location"> from San Pedro, CA, United States</span>

    Nice Bobby!

    @ 59:55 – 1:00:30

  • Ms. Mezmoorized<span class="comment-author-location"> from Vista, CA, United States</span>

    Asa: “Is that lactose?” – re: breast milk

    UGH yeah it’s fucking milk bitches don;t got no soy bean titties milk of fucking almond titties milk sure titties may feel like silk but it aint silk milk

  • Ms. Mezmoorized<span class="comment-author-location"> from Vista, CA, United States</span>

    basketball players are real men dave. they are athletes. they are strong and do manly things like dunking over little bitches. they do the manliest shit on the regular like like 3 miles in 20 minutes.

  • Jacob B.<span class="comment-author-location"> from Reno, NV, United States</span>

    “The chick Bobby dated before Carol” so… The outcome of the lapdance..? Is them breaking up? LOL maybe he’ll spice it up now

    • Mr. Snow Bunny<span class="comment-author-location"> from Richmond, BC, Canada</span>

      are you slow? bobby’s ex is the chick he dated before carol… making carol his current gf.

  • Paul<span class="comment-author-location"> from China</span>

    It took genuine balls (egotistic or not) to expose yourself like that David. Awesome episode. I can’t wait for the discussion regarding you and Asa.

  • bill james<span class="comment-author-location"> from Chilliwack, BC, Canada</span>

    yoshi is funny in a low key way

  • chainsawhandz<span class="comment-author-location"> from Indio, CA, United States</span>

    get mike tyson on the show!!!

    • billy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Newport Beach, CA, United States</span>

      I want to see this too!

  • Christian Hammad<span class="comment-author-location"> from Yucaipa, CA, United States</span>

    This was a great episode and I loved the dialogue between today’s guest, Luna, and Dave. David said he wasn’t uncomfortable but his body language said otherwise.

  • InABadPlaceInLife69<span class="comment-author-location"> from Englewood, CO, United States</span>

    Maybe along with the artsy cuckold film the crew could put together a reality game show where dozens of single moms in their 20s ruthlessly compete against each other for the prize of an extra three months of being choked-out by Dave and benefiting from his resources…wait, I mean for true love.

    However, by the existence of this comment it’s probably clear to see that I’m in a bad place in my life so what I say should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Anyway, I appreciate the level of honesty and how forthcoming you guys are on the show and I hope it can continue well into the future. Thanks.

  • TATVSA<span class="comment-author-location"> from United States</span>

    wow. Asa is the one to break Dave’s heart of ice?

    Dave, you’re gonna cuckold Asa’s Man?

    Bring on another one of Dave’s exes. Preferably the one with the 7 year relationship

  • http://www.snakeoilmagazine.com Snake Oil<span class="comment-author-location"> from Cleveland, OH, United States</span>

    Save some milk for the baby !!!!!

  • Ken<span class="comment-author-location"> from London, London, United Kingdom</span>

    Invite the Japanese-American comedian KT Tatara on the show!

  • Huang<span class="comment-author-location"> from Fremont, CA, United States</span>

    Love that hat, Yoshi! GO HAWKS!

  • ozman<span class="comment-author-location"> from Salt Lake City, UT, United States</span>

    this is turning into like a soap opera i was all hoping the last guest would be Yoshi’s ex haha.

    and i’d prefer if these podcasts were more current and not like months old or whatever.

  • JG08<span class="comment-author-location"> from Sacramento, CA, United States</span>

    BRING ON CHEESE !!!!! hahaha great episode.

  • Homework Liker<span class="comment-author-location"> from Toronto, ON, Canada</span>

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching how awkward and uncomfortable Yoshi looked throughout the show

  • Mase<span class="comment-author-location"> from Mississauga, ON, Canada</span>

    On the issue of David and Asa’s sexual relationship, I didn’t know whether to take the comment from the first episode seriously or not. They briefly mentioned that they share a distant relative and thus committed incest, which is hilarious, but that tends to be Dave’s sense of humor. Now we know that it’s at least partially true. I always believed Asa to have distinctly Korean features, so maybe that’s where her genetic roots lie and her familial line somehow intersects with that of the Choe dynasty. Interdasting…

    Luna sounds like a sweetheart. Really, the perfect kind of girl: super nice and filthy as fuck in the sack. Ironic and revealing how even feminists fall for guys who represent nearly everything they’re against. She’d marry Dave and give him babies in a heartbeat.

    Great podcast, even though Yoshi looks like he checked out. What’s going on with this guy?

    Dave is totally right about haters having a deep void in their lives. Sadly, he’s also quite right about the super fans. But, fuck, if I was doing what I really wanted in life, I’d STILL go out of my way to write on this board. It’s not like back in the day when you actually had to physically mail shit out. Communication and networking are way more efficient today. Easier to talk to someone halfway across the world now than walk to your bathroom to take a dump. Anyway, I hope you can find it in your hearts to appreciate your loyal fans.

  • YP29<span class="comment-author-location"> from Singapore, Singapore (general), Singapore</span>

    Wish they could’ve zoom in the camera a bit more. Cannot quite make out Luna’s face.

  • portodave<span class="comment-author-location"> from Burnaby, BC, Canada</span>

    im listenin from vancouver and even thought u hate canadians i got love for you dave. Awesome podcast exlover was ur best to date. Thumbs uppppppppp

  • Ricky Han<span class="comment-author-location"> from Newport Beach, CA, United States</span>

    Race is hella weird on this show.

    Around 1:06 – YOSHI pukes?

  • Jesus Choe<span class="comment-author-location"> from San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines</span>


    KAREN O.


  • Trace Stein<span class="comment-author-location"> from Stayton, OR, United States</span>

    You never ended up talking about your relationship even though you said it was going to be in the next episode. Im hangin on the edge of my seat.